Georgia Named the Best European Destination for Vaccinated Travellers

Recently, the European Best Destinations (EBD) website, dedicated to travel and tourism in Europe, published its list of best European destinations for vaccinated travellers.

While the European Commission is still working on a digital vaccination passport, some countries both within the EU and its neighborhood have already implemented (or will soon implement) lighter restrictions for vaccinated passengers.

The list ranks Tbilisi (Georgia) as #1 destination for vaccinated travellers, among 15 places across the EU and its neighborhood. Georgia and, more specifically, Tbilisi is described as both traditional and modern, open-minded, cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic, truly unique and authentic. In terms of travel during the pandemic, EBD underlines the fact that Georgia lifted all restrictions for vaccinated passengers (no additional testing and no quarantine), as soon as the number of Covid-19 cased dropped and vaccine became available.

Nationals of all countries can enter Georgia by air presenting the document confirming the full course (two doses) of any Covid-19 vaccination. Travellers should ask their vaccination center for a certificate of vaccination with their name, address, place and date of the vaccine as well as the name of the vaccine (if possible). This document will serve them as a vaccine passport allowing them to enter Georgia without any restrictions.

23-03-2021, 22:13    

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