Fady Asly

Dear ICC Georgia Members, On 28 May, 2014 at 18:00 our General Assembly will be electing 6 Board Members as well as the three Officers of the Board (Chairman, First Vice-Chairman and Second Vice Chairman/Treasurer).  The elections will be located at the Radisson Blu. 


The first step will be the election of 6 Board Members  and this will be followed by the election of the Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen.

Please send your expression of interest to run for the Board and for any of the three Officers positions no later than 14 May. It is very important to have as many candidates as possible.


I will strongly recommend all candidates to mail as well to Mike a short letter addressed to the members in which you will give a brief back ground of yourself and of your motivation to run for the Board.   This letter will help members who are not very familiar with you to get better acquainted.

All the candidates’ letters will be mailed out to all members on 15 May, 2014.


In case you cannot attend the elections in person you can appoint a representative to vote on your behalf however you will have to send your proxy by e-mail to Mike Martley at m.martley@icc.ge and you can either appoint one of your colleagues or any of ICC members.


If you need any assistance with your letter of candidacy or any other matter I will be more than happy to assist.

With best regards, Fady Asly

6-05-2014, 16:25    

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